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Most kids let their curiosity take them to adventurous places, whether it’s the park, or the playroom. This perspective is taken to greater heights in the 1985 film “The Goonies.” Mikey and Brandon Walsh live in a house being prepared for demolition to make room for a new golf course. The family doesn’t have nearly enough money it will take to save the house, so they prepare to move. When Mikey and his friends (Mouth, Chunk, Andy, Steph and Data) stumbleupon the infamous 17th century pirate one-eyed-willy’s treasure map, they set out on a journey. A journey which starts by getting to the entrance itself, which is below the house of a group of thieves and murderers. When the friends encounter the villans and rub the wrong way, the exploration turns into a chase for their lives along with the treasure. Throughout their already hard path, the underground caves leading to the treasure have traps lining in every-which-way. This…show more content…
There were language and adult jokes sprinkled every once in a while, but that helped to make the movie more real. The Guardian published an article called “My Favourite Film: The Goonies” which says “My favourite Goonies trivia is the story that relates the first time the child actors saw the full-scale pirate ship, which they were banned from seeing prior to shooting. Their all-too-real shouts of "holy s***!" were considered too obscene to include, but for me they sum up my feelings, aged seven or eight, when first watching the film.” While there were some smaller parts that didn’t add up realistically, the details made up for it. The kids swearing one or two times shows real-world experiences and connections. Along with swearing, there were one or two adult jokes. Realistically, even classic Disney movies have those to keep the parents entertained as well. While it’s first priority is to appeal to its target audience of kids, the entertainment range is undoubtedly all

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