Happy Face Killer Mugshots

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Can a picture really say a thousand words? In this case the answer is definitely no. These mugshots are just the beginning of these twisted stories. When a person is arrested it is common practice as part of the booking process for the police to take a photograph of the individual. These photos are used as a form of identification for the prisoner and can also be shown to victims or witnesses of the crime. The booking photo or mugshot can also be released to the media to help identify a criminal that has escaped from custody or is wanted for a crime. The practice of taking photographs of criminals began in the 1840’s, shortly after the invention of photography. But it wasn’t until 1888 that French policeman officer Alphonse Bertillon standardized…show more content…
After he woke up he complained of headaches and started displaying bizarre behaviviur. He was never the same again. Earle was in and out of mental hospitals, often escaping, for much of his life. He began murdering landladies in 1926 and it’s thought that he could have had in excess of 20 victims. He was eventually caught and received a death sentence. Cvltnation.com 9 The Happy Face Killer Keith Hunter Jesperson is the most twisted type of serial killer out there. Murder wasn’t enough for Jesperson; he also wanted to be infamous for his killings and left bold notes for the police and media about his crimes. These were often signed with a smiley face symbol which led to his alias as The Happy Face Killer. In a five year period between 1990 and 1995 Jesperson murdered eight women, mostly by strangulation. But Keith claims that he is the most prolific serial killer that’s ever lived and has confessed to over 160 murders. However police were only able to connect him to eight murders. Jepserson was an interstate truck driver and most of his victims were young women and prostitutes that he found at truck stops.

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