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The gospel of John details the interesting points of Jesus Christ’s life by describing the kind of work or act that Jesus performed. John, being a disciple, chronologically outlines some of Jesus’ works, and tries to prove the divinity that
Jesus has. John is trying to explain Jesus’ mission to save people from damnation through all his writings.
Even though John does not include all of the signs that Jesus performs, in his gospel, he choose the most important ones. John believes that by showing the signs that Jesus performed he will be able to have the power to influence, and convince people to follow the only prudent path to salvation.
John advocates that Jesus is the messiah, and therefore appears to be the protector and savior. He fully achieves his objectives by
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We all know that water is a symbol of life.
Jesus states while “pointing to Jacob’s well, before which they were standing, He said, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. The water that I will give in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life.” (John 4:13)
The metaphor of food and water come up many times in the gospel of John.
People can not live without constantly replenishing their energy. In order to live, we need physical and emotional fuel. People need to feel loved and protected but usually do not have the emotional support they require. Jesus claims that he is able to cure the missarible and deliver everyone to salvation giving each person a purpose to live and a meaningful experience with God.
For readers of the Gospel of John’s, the main question would be a very simple:
Do you believe that Jesus is the savior and therefore God? If you do believe, according to John’s statements, then in turn you will receive eternal life, living in the presence of God, in a place with no pain, and full of

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