The Gospel Of Wealth By Andrew Carnegie

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The Gospel of Wealth written by Andrew Carnegie in 1889 was an astonishing document that emphasized the importance of money management. Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) was a self-made millionaire. “Carnegie, more than any other businessman of the era had the prototypical rags-to-riches story”(Captains of Industry, 21). He was born in Scotland and then moved to the Americas Just one industrialization and railroad building was developing. After briefly working and the railroad industry he soon found ways to grow and develop a strong Foundation to steal making industry. He used one of the processes developed during the Age of Industrialization known as the Bessemer process to create one of the strongest materials on the earth- Steel.

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As Carnegie was growing both richer each day from his prosperous Steel company, he had eventually become one of the captains of industry and also in some cases a robber baron. Other owners like Rockefeller were also a part of this group. going back to the Gospel of Wealth, after Carnegie had accumulated an excessive amount of money he had pulled up from his successful industry, he felt the need to use it correctly to benefit everyone or people who didn't have as much money as …show more content…

Still, people who didn’t have that much money is that they thought that this was wrong. They used the Sherman Act of 1890 as a piece of evidence against him and in response to that, he wrote the gospel of wealth, saying that rich people are supposed to be giving back to the poor people, so they can be equal amounts of money in the society. One of the main reasons for the publication of the Gospel of Wealth was after the Haymarket riot in Chicago. Carnegie and other industrialized businessmen responded to workers' strikes for, adequate wages, rights to form a labor union, safer working conditions, and basic rights. Among them, Carnegie used the Gospel of Wealth to explain his point of view of why the administration of wealth was a big problem in society at the

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