The Gossip In The Witch Of Blackbird Pond

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Why is gossip so damaging and dangerous? Gossip is idle talk about personal affairs of another person, which is why it’s a terrible way to converse. In The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare, there had been gossip about an elder lady named Hannah Tupper who lived in a cottage by Blackbird Pond. The people of Wethersfield—the place where the action begins—believed that Hannah was a witch. Three characters from the book each responded differently to this piece of gossip. They are Goodwife Cruff, timid Prudence, and Katherine (Kit) Tyler. Goodwife Cruff is strict and very demanding. For her, gossip made her believe that Hannah was a witch. Anyone who made contact with her became bewitched. Goodwife Cruff did not want anything to do with her, and she believed Kit was a witch because she could swim. Anything different was feared and shunned. Gossip is mere rumors, and it should not be passed on. Innocent Prudence was the child of Goodwife Cruff. The gossip of Hannah reached Prudence’s ears and she feared the “witch” who lived by Blackbird Pond in the meadow. Naturally, when Kit prodded her toward Hannah’s house, she was cautious and scared. She let Kit lead her toward the house occupied by a witch. Soon after, Prudence built a…show more content…
It’s because it isn’t true. It is just a lie that’s been embellished and passed around. To the people who share it, it may seem like another juicy tidbit, but to the person who is the subject of gossiping, it’s like the end of the world. It makes them insecure and secluded. For Goodwife Cruff, gossip was her life. She believed every bit of it, not even searching for evidence. Prudence was exposed to this rude gossip but with the help from Kit, she could glare right through it. As for Kit, she never believed that foolish gossip. She knew in her heart that Hannah was different just like her and that she was her friend. Gossip is an ugly pastime. It is destructive. It is hurtful. It is
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