The Governess's The Turn Of The Screw

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In the book “The Turn of the Screw” the Governess’s interpretation of the unusual events might be based on her fantasy and twisted thought. The governess first encounter with the man was not clearly described rather she brought the description of a man whatever she fantasizes. The irony is her conclusion why that man came for and said ‘it was not for me he had come. He had come for someone else.’31. This indicates that the Governess’s conclusion was baseless. How come she is so sure his intension: he did not say any words or show any signs to her. The Governess expects something she wants to see as a result her overly anticipations more likely influenced her vision. She said ‘He was there or was not there: not there if I did not see him.’31…show more content…
She claimed ‘He was looking for little Miles’ which is not clear why she connected her fantasy with Miles and said ‘I know, I know, I know’38. In addition, she said ‘I am absolutely certain that I should see again what I had already seen.’39 and continue listening her twisted thought ‘but within me said…’ this revealed her irregular mind by making herself believe that little Miles know the death of Mr. Quint. The Governess’s obsession was to find something which may not exist on the ground. There was no reliable information she found from Grose and from school about Miles behavior, but she thinks she found ‘horrible proofs’ which is undisclosed. Governess’s unusual encounter with Miss Jessel was untrue because to be believed by Grose she said Flora saw Jessel and said ‘No for the God’s sake don’t! She’ll say she isn’t - she’ll lie!’ 45 why she hesitated not clear. Generally, the Governess’s repeatedly claim for seeing unusual events affected the kids. She thinks she determined to protect Flora and Miles from danger, but her obsession was to terrify them. Flora refused to sleep alone unless the Governess is around her. She also harassed Miles about the things that he really does not know. Therefore, the Governess’s fantasy and twisted thought which she inflicted on kids might have caused the Miles
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