The Government Doesn T Want You To Read Summary

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In the book, 63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read, it explains how the government keeps so much information from us, the American people. The book is a great one for the American people at whole and should be used to open the minds of the Americans. It describes actual incriminating documents the government tries to hide from Americans. As well as programs that show how un- American government officials really are. Jesse Ventura, an actor, pro wrestler, and later a politician that became the governor of Minnesota, wrote the book 63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read, along with Dick Russel as a coauthor. Ventura has written multiple books about America’s Government including American Conspiracies, an award winning book.…show more content…
And also in the book “63 Documents the government Doesn’t Want you to read” has some of the documents that have also been blanked out in certain parts of it, maybe also this book is considered as threat to the national security like “Operationq1. This is a type of censorship, and proof of how we do not actually have freedom of speech. One of the “classified” documents that was leaked was an assassination plan. The document was a plan to overthrow the Guatemalan government. How is that our government is able to kill people or take over another country when we are not in a declared war? This is an example of how our government does what it wants to do. Another document the government does not want us to read is the secret experiments that was ongoing in Guatemala from 1946 to 1948 and was uncovered in 2010. The experiment consisted of the U.S. Public Health Service injected and exposed the Guatemalan citizens to sexually transmitted diseases while trying to test antibiotics (Ventura; Russel). How is this constitutional? On top of it all the government tried to hide it. In fact all of these documents including the ones that are discussed in the
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