The Grain Of Paradise Analysis

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The Grains Of Paradise
The Grains of Paradise is a short story that was made into a movie later. The Grains Paradise was about a guy that eat chili and doesn't get fazed by it at all.
Another guy saw him eating them like it was nothing so he said he would like to challenge him to this other guy who can eat any other chili without no fear.
The whole family got together and watched them go against each other.
I think the movie was better than the reading.

The movie did a better job at showing the theme which was doing the right thing is more important than winning. First of all, I think this because the movie showed more which made me comprehend it more. The setting in the movie made me comprehend it more which in the movie I didn’t see the setting that well.
Another reason why I think the movies made me comprehend it more is because I got to visually see where the characters were living and telling us their story.
The second reason why the movie showed theme better than the reading is because the
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First of all, we got to see how the characters looked in the movie rather than trying to guess how they would look in the reading. When I saw the main character in the movie get into the the little town he looked nicer than what I expected him to look when I was reading. In the reading I expected him to look mean and have a mean look on his face the whole time. The other reason was seeing their body language and how they would react to someone or something. I say this because when the main character arrived to the little village all the people were kind of just standing there looking at him walk through. For an example the people were kind of looking at him all weird cause he was just walking through like nothing. Last but not least we also got to see the facial expressions. I saw this because when they were talking to the main character he looked like he was just paying attention to
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