The Grandmother And The Misfit Analysis

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The grandmother and the Misfit’s climactic final encounter reveals a flaw the Misfit’s complex character by the usage of religious symbols. The Misfit states that his actions in the free world are justified because God does not exist. The Misfit is references the biblical event of Jesus raising the dead. The Misfit says “I wasn’t there because if I had of been there I would have known” (14) The Misfit believes that because he never saw this event, he has no proof that Jesus is real. He tells the grandmother that if he saw Jesus for himself, he “wouldn’t be like I am now.” (14) Proving the existence of God would let him see graciousness and good in the world, yet he never has. After finishing his justification, his “voice seemed about to crack….…show more content…
He has this emotional response because he knows his actions are inherently evil, signaling that there is untapped good buried in him. This is the epiphany for the grandmother. She says, “You’re one of my children,” and she “[reaches] out and [touches] his shoulder.” (14) The grandmother notices the good in the Misfit because he is ashamed of himself. Calling him “one of her children” gives her this divine power, like God Himself. She shows the trait of eternal forgiveness by offering to take him in as a child of God, even though he has sinned greatly. Unfortunately, the Misfit does not accept this affectionate offering. Her verbal and physical gestures makes The Misfit, “[spring] back as if a snake had bitten him.” (14) The grandmother’s forgiving and affectionate acts has exposed the Misfit to the goodness and graciousness in the world, something the Misfit was convinced did not exist. This exposure contrasts his evil nature, showing him his philosophy is incorrect, and the grandmother’s is correct. The Misfit is fearful to accept this his wrongdoing. Panicked, and in a self-defensive manner, he shoots the grandmother three
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