The Grandmother And The Misfit Family

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The short story starts off stating the grandmother did not want to go to Florida again for their family vacation. Instead, the grandmother was hinting to her only son Bailey to go to East Tennessee, for the opportunity to visit friends. She explained it would be different and benefit the kids because of the new scenery. When she found no luck on the suggestion, so she pushed it once more by informing the family of the Misfit criminal on the loose. She explained they were in the direction of heading to Florida and it would be unsafe to travel as such knowing that. No came to an agreement on the decision, yet her grandchildren teased the grandmother and asked why doesn 't she just stay home. They went back and forth on why the grandmother wants…show more content…
The grandmother explains to the kids to have respect for Georgia and explains why. They stop at a restaurant to eat, called Red Sammy Butts. The grandmother talks to the owner and his wife about how hard it is to trust people now and day and to find a good man. She also talks about the Misfit criminal and how she would not be surprised if he’d end up at Sammy’s restaurant. Sammy ceases the conversation and brings back to another topic. The family gets back on the road and the grandmother tells the kids a story about an old plantation she visited that was nearby. The kids get excited and convince their father Bailey to go and check the area out. As the father drives down the dirt roads the grandmother suddenly remembers the plantation is in Tennessee, not Georgia. She does not say a word but is thrown into the front seat for the family had been in an accident. As the family seats and wait for help a car approaches slowly seemly to be coming to their rescue. There were 3 men that stepped out the car and the family explain they were in an accident. The grandmother seems star struck because she recognizes it is the Misfit criminal. As the reveal puts the family in more danger the Grandmother tries to talk to the Misfit criminal and convince him that he is a good
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