The Grandmother Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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To briefly state, the storyline begins with a seemingly innocent start with a mother attempts into persuading her son to visit her beloved state of Tennessee instead of the trip to Florida. Yet furthering into the story the reader begins to notice how the grandmother carries herself and abides by the way she believes a good woman should dress and act. Thus furthering on into the plot the reader becomes aware of an underlying sense of foreshadowing when the grandmother leads the family to the wrong plantation and ultimately they end up confronting the misfit himself. The reader is able to feel this foreshadowing by the grandmother belief in being a lady to be moral, the actions of the grandmother to keep her safe from the misfit, and the way…show more content…
Once this confrontation happens, the grandmother first attempts to be saved for her impending fate was stating “You wouldn’t shoot a lady, would you?” (O’Connor pg. 208) and acting helpless by taking her handkerchief and wiping her eyes with it. This demonstrates to the reader just how desperate the grandmother is to escape and also displaying how she is willing to act so falsely to demonstrate to the misfit how much of a lady she is, when in reality she nothing but selfish and inconsiderate of others. The author starts to relay this repetition of the grandmother attempts to escape the misfit and also sets an atmosphere between the grandmother and misfit. One example of this is found when the misfit partners take bailey and Wesley away, the grandmother pretends to act devastated and cries out for baily but to the reader’s amusement the grandmother is looking at the misfit the whole time, almost trying to convince him about her lady like virtue of caring of family. By doing this the author brings to attention how dramatic the grandmother is acting and brings insight on how the misfit is catching on to her false ideals. thus this is another foreshadowing trail the author leaves to the reader to anticipate the grandmother
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