The Grandmother's Poem 'Snapping Beans'

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“Snapping Beans” expresses the conflict between the granddaughter and the grandmother are not as close as they were prior to her leaving for school. She longs to tell her everything but cannot for she is afraid the closeness will be gone. The grandmother’s perspective of the world is very religious versus the new experiences she is having at school but yet she likes it. The narrator of poem is the granddaughter, who is home from college located in the North to visit her grandmother for the weekend. (5 & 6) The poem is 46 lines, one stanza and flows like a song or is conversational. Alliteration used is the “s” and “b” sounds in phrases “I snapped beans into the silver bowl” (1), “that sat on the splintering slats” (2) and “about sex, about
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