Personal Narrative: Gruesome Graffiti

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GRUESOME GRAFFITI Gruesome Graffiti It was a rainy day, on June 5th, 1986. This story takes place in a small ghost town called Villisca, Iowa. You may know this small town from "Granger family murder" which is the scene to a very gruesome and heartless murder. The Granger family Murder took place on June 9th, 1924. I was a young boy in 1986 about 12 to be exact. I had only heard rumors of the Granger family murder. My dad used to tell me stories about it and how horrible it was. I was practically a grown man I thought in my head. Mustache starting to come in and hair under my arms. I was ready to go to the Granger Families abandoned house. I went to the library to see if they had any books on the murder and to my surprise, they had…show more content…
What I read was very chilling. It says that the family was killed in there home in the middle of the night. There was no fingerprints or any DNA anywhere to be found in the house. The police searched for months a didn't find anything but a graffiti tag that read "62" over each of the victim's bodies on their wall. The police had no clue what this meant so they closed the case. I looked it up in the phone book to see if there were any friends or family that had any information. I called all 25 people listed as family and friends, and everyone went straight to voice mail. It had been 62 years, so all I thought was that they had died of old age, but then I got a callback. It wasn't from any of the 25 people I called the caller id read "Jack Granger" so I asked the librarian for any information she had on Jack Granger. She handed me an obituary. I read the first line, and my jaw dropped. His date of death was June 9th, 1912; It was the father that died with his family also known as Jack Granger. I was completely shocked and thought someone was playing me. So, I called the number back. It said " This number has been recently disconnected" which scared me. After I heard that I left it alone for a couple…show more content…
I and Ethan were fine and assumed our lives were fine and we wouldn't be bothered with this nonsense. Until, of course, 62 years later Ethan was killed we were old, and Ethan would have never been anywhere like where he died at his age. I ended up buying the old abandoned home and renovating it thinking it would get rid of all the murderous ways of the house. Then I saw in a book that this man was to be killed with a 62-grade bullet form 1912. So I staked out the property and waited for him to come back once again he came on June 9th, and he was mad. He was supposed to be already relieved of his duties, but he had only killed 61 people. He walked into the house and started walking around for the first time I could see him. I swear I had seen his face somewhere before. Then it hit me I had a great grandma that died in 1862 and her son went crazy just like Sir Maddox. He was my great uncle. I knew I wouldn't be able to kill him considering he was family. He saw me and realized who I was and started crying. So I confronted him, and he turned back crazy. He then grabbed me, and I stabbed him he went through a little pain for a second then was fine. I then tried to stop him from hurting me, so I hit him. He fell I pulled out my gun with the special bullet and shot him twice. We never heard from the man again, and our town was

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