The Grapes Of Wrath American Dream Analysis

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The term “American dream” was coined in 1931 by James Adams. It is defined as the dream of a land where life is fuller and richer for everyone. This dream has been shared by millions of people all over the world since America was discovered. People such as European immigrants, and even people born in the Americas who wanted to expand west. The Joad family’s journey is a prime example of the determinism families had to try to live the American dream. Through John Steinbeck's plot in The Grapes of Wrath, the struggle of the typical American dreamer is depicted in the Joad’s attempt to move to California for a better life.
While attempting this dream, the Joad family had to make multiple sacrifices. The first sacrifice occurs early on in their journey, the abandoning of their property (Steinbeck 59). This was extremely difficult for the Joads because they had lived on this land for a long time and they had many memories that had been created there. Along with losing their land, they lost various family members throughout the process of moving to California. Grampa Joad was unable …show more content…

The trip to California was inspired by some flyers that Pa Joad received one day. The Joads heard that California was in need of a larger work force, they then began dreaming of an amazing land where they prospered together as a family. But once the Joads arrived in California they realised it is not as stunning and lucrative as advertised. By the time the Joads had arrived, the job market had deplete due to the rush of migration to California, therefore Pa Joad was unable to find a lucrative job to support his family. The Joad family bounced around poverty camps, known as hoovervilles, and fought to keep food on the table. Despite having a strong ambition of finding a better life, their plan was not successful, and the American dream for the Joads was not

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