The Grapes Of Wrath Analysis

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The first movie” The Grapes of Wrath” is based on John Steinbeck 's novel that describes the story of a dispossessed Oklahoma family that fights to re-establish a new life in California during the Great Depression. The Joad family is forced to set out for California in hope for a better life, to leave the dustbowl of Oklahoma due to drought, dust storm and years of farmers without crops. Along the way, they face many hardships and once they reached California, they are harassed and mistreated for transient labor as well as disrespected and distrusted by the local settlers and officials. After much tribulation, the Joad family finds a government camp with little work, but with running water, well-maintained and a reasonable “promised land”. The second movie, “How Green Was My Valley” is based on Richard Llewellyn 's novel that presents the memoirs of the adult narrator, Huw Morgan, looking back regrettably at his wonderful time of childhood living in a mining town located in a green valley of Wales. While the characters…show more content…
Despite its theme on the environmental destruction of Wales ' valley by the greedy mining industry, the movie purposely focuses on the happiness and sadness of the family. The movie portrays the family as a part of the society and if the family goes, so does the community. Additionally, the movie has a great sense of vainness and sadness because the gifted young Huw refuses to pursue education, choosing instead to stay behind and do the same laborious work in the mine as his father and brothers even as the greenness is leaving the valley for good. Nevertheless, a comforting side of this movie is the sense that death is not the end and the power of memories that stay alive in our mind and hearts can override the sadness of the
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