Coraline Movie Analysis

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The Same Story Seen Through Different Eyes
Comparing and Contrasting Characters in Coraline:

If you have ever read a novel and also watched the movie of the same story, you would most likely have noticed some obvious differences and similarities in both. The graphic novel Coraline by Neil Gaiman and the movie Coraline directed by Henry Sellick also falls under the same concept. For instance, Miss. Spink and Miss. Forcible’s personalities have completely been exaggerated in the film from the original graphic novel. The Other Mother instead has two quite different appearances in the two versions. Overall I believe that the characters of Miss.Spink ,Miss.Forcible and the other mother’s appearances are exaggerated which affects the storyline
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Miss.Spink says, “You know, Coraline, you are in great danger.” This happened in the graphic novel before she enters and discovers the other world. Without the stone with the hole in it, Coraline finds out by herself about the actual dangers in the other world and learns herself how the stone helps for bad things by seeing through the stone.In the graphic novel, when Coraline is locked away in the mirror, the ghost children whispered in her ear to look through the stone with the hole in it which is how she later remembered to do so. Also, Coraline returned to her normal world because of her remembering the stone in her pocket. In the movie however, Coraline somehow finds the motive on her own to look through that stone as well as making the right choice not to stay in the other world knowing that something is wrong. This makes the character of Coraline more thoughtful then that of the graphic novel and adds on the her heroic nature more. Miss.Spink and Miss.Forcible technically lead and help Coraline more in the Graphic novel without whom, she might not have accomplished her quest where in the film, their only main purpose was giving Coraline the stone and she always…show more content…
In the graphic novel, Coraline is portrayed as more as more of a thoughtful and a type of person who connects more with other people as well. When she goes to see Miss.Spink and Miss.Forcible, they are more neighbourly and get along better than in the movie and she usually leaves because she has things to do rather than because the old ladies end up fighting. The Other Mother appearance in the graphic novel also doesn’t seen as sudden as it is in the movie where in the last thirty minutes, the Other Mother just turns into a robotic spider and instead just reveals her true nature as barely a being. Overall, I believe that the characters of Miss.Spink ,Miss.Forcible and the other mother’s appearances are exaggerated which affects the storyline more in the film than the graphic novel, which is why I prefer the graphic
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