The Grass Is Singing Analysis

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The novel, The Grass is Singing is Lessing’s debut novel, published in 1950. The novel clearly reveals Lessing’s disgust and disapproval of political as well as sexual prejudices and the different aspects of colonial culture, existing in the society of then times. It is an account of both historical and psychological events where repression and oppression are intermingled with each other. The novel begins with an article published in a daily newspaper confirming the news of the death of Mary Turner, a white woman. The article says that a white woman is murdered by her black servant (Moses) mainly for money. This sensational news acts as an omen for other white people of the society in South Africa. Immediately, the story moves to the past…show more content…
Lessing instead of focussing on the turbulent psyche of natives has focussed her attention on the tortured psyche of her domineering white female protagonist. The deconstruction of the power relations is seen in the form of Mary-Moses relationship. As she took the charge of the farm, in her husband’s absence, different conflicting episodes took place between her and her workers. However, these native workers protest strongly against her atrocities. After this, she minimises any possible confrontation with them. They are merely savages or animals and she always tries to tame them. These native workers stop their work both due to her atrocities and probably they do not want to work under a female supervisor as it is something against their social conventions. But to Mary this sense of supervision gives her new confidence and satisfaction. It is a beautiful experience and proves beneficial to her domineering nature. It also enables her to be more close to the farm which then becomes real to her. Through all these activities she becomes more active and lively and also gets connected to the outer world. However, she is not able to change anything because she does not stay in the similar condition for long and all her attempts prove futile. She alienates herself from the rest of the world and lives in complete
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