The Graveyard Book

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I read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I would say the main theme of this book is death. I find that the main theme in this book is death because the child Nobody Owens “Bod” loses his family when they get killed by a man named Jack at age one. As his family is being murdered he sneaks out of his crib, out of the house and he wanders up at hill to a graveyard where he sees a woman standing who turns out to be a ghost and her husband soon appears to. They adopt him after his dead mother comes to them in the graveyard as a ghost and begs them to protect him from Jack and so they raise him as their own child. He spends most of his childhood life in the cemetery. He was not allowed to leave the cemetery. He had one main guardian who was creature…show more content…
The book itself is very chilling and detailed. Harper Collins from Kirkus Reviews says the book is “Wistful, witty, wise—and creepy”. I agree with her because the book is creepy because Bod is living with ghosts and being raised by them along with other mystical creatures. Escape Pod writes “As per usual with Gaiman’s writing, The Graveyard Book is full of rich scenery, strong characterization, and mysteries that are sometimes not fully explained”. He does do a good job of explaining the scenery of where things are taking place during the story and he uses great detail to do so. I think he does a great job explaining how the boy character he is very detailed with him. His mysteries are definitely not fulling explained, like Silas Bod’s guardian, we have no clue what he is just a mystical creature. The Independent states “This brief, dark, savoury adventure deserves to become a modern classic of children’s writing: it has more mystery, excitement and wisdom in a single chapter than all the soap-operatic dilemmas, empty acrobatics and moral dogmatism in those thousands of pages of Potter franchise.” I think that this editorial review does a good job describing the book in
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