The Great Awakening Dbq

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A religious movement, that made religion more popular, between 1730 - 1740. Jonathon Edwards and George Whitefield were the two who set off the great awakening. Jonathon Edwards helped set off the Great Awakening because of in his “powerful” sermons, he would call on colonists, also young people, to examine their lives. He would preach of god’s sweetness and beauty, but at the same time he would warn the listeners to pay attention to the bibles teachings. Otherwise, they would be sinners. George Whitefiled arrives in the colonies the movement spread like wildfire. He drew huge crods to outdoor meetings because of his “loud” voice. He would speak with enthusiasm and energy. When he would call on sinners to feel or express sincere regret, his voice would ring with feeling.…show more content…
How did it change things? What are the good and bad sides of things? The Great Awakening brought about a bitter debate. The people who supported the T.G.A often split from their old churches to form new churches. People warned that the movement was too emotional, but the growth of so many new churches forced colonists to become more tolerant to people who had different beliefs.
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