The Great Awakening Influence

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The Great Awakening was a time in American history where a God’s word spread rapidly all over the American Colonies during the 1730’s and the 1770’s. During this time period there were a two key figures during this time period who helped spread the Word of God to the American Colonies. These figures were, Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield, and each man had their own way of advancing the Kingdom of God. All spoke with such vivaciousness that people from all over came to hear them preach. With this new revival taking place in America people started leaving the old churches and attending the new sermons. This divided America into two parts, the “Old Light” and “New Light.” By the end of the Great Awakening there were new branches of Christianity each with their own teachings of the “New Light or “Old Light.” Through all of this the American people learned to stand up for what they believe in and despite religious differences they came together to fight for their independence. Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) was a key figure in the Great Awakening Revival. Born in Connecticut, Edwards was raised up in the church and attended Yale at age 14. He received his…show more content…
This boldness allowed the people to confront Britain when they wanted to be independant. Though not all Colonist believed in the same teachings, they all came together to fight for independence. The Colonist believed coming together despite differences will strengthen America and allow them to fight for freedom. The Great Awakening played a key role in the writing of the Declaration of independence, many of the words show of religious background. That is due to the effect of the Great Awakening on the Colonist. The Great Awakening also changed the way government was formed and carried out. Changing the government allowed the power not to be in one person’s hands but in the people’s
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