The Great Blizzard Of 1888

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he Great Blizzard of 88 Our natural hazard is blizzards. Blizzards are a severe snowstorm with high winds and low visibility. Blizzards can form when warm air must rise over cold air. There are two ways this can occur when winds pulls cold air toward the equator from the poles and it brings warm air toward the poles from the equator. Cold and warm air brought together forms and precipitation occurs. Most blizzards often happen in the Northern east states and the provinces of Canada. When a blizzard happens it can shut down a city, transportation is impossible there would be no electricity. If people are outside they can get frostbite or hypothermia. Flooding can happen after a blizzard. Blizzards can not be prevented because blizzards are a natural hazard. Blizzards can be predicted by finishing the center of a low pressure system by looking at maps. By identifying areas at low pressure wind flow patterns, temperatures, and the dew point.…show more content…
This happened on March 10,1888. This blizzard mainly happened in New York City and on the east coast. This happened when cold arctic air from canada collided with gulf air from the south and temperatures plunged. Rain turned into snow and winds reached hurricane strength levels. Up to 15,000 people were stranded. Walking on streets were impossible. Overall about 200 people were killed by the blizzard of New York City alone. Animals were stranded without food or water, buildings could collapse. Blizzards are the biggest harm to animals because they are stranded and stuck with
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