The Great Blue Yonder Analysis

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The Great Blue Yonder Alex Shearer I. INTRODUCTION The Great Blue Yonder is written by Alex Shearer, a British novelist. The publication of the book is specifically done on Houghton Mufflin Harcourt, 2002. It was written in a narrative story of Harry, a young boy who was killed by truck and emerged himself into a land called The Great Blue Yonder. Alex demonstrates on what it is looks to be dead and what it is looks like on the “other side”. It is shown to this story how Harry surpassed the life of being dead and find what’s beyond to The Great Blue Yonder. II. SUMMARY An eleven-year old Harry found himself in a strange land where the sun is always setting but it never disappears. A place which have a tree, paths, long land, corner and faraway fields that seems like a paradise but they called it The Great Blue Yonder. Harry wandered what he’s doing there and what kind of place was this and suddenly a memory flash to his mind. He remembered that he was hit by a truck with his bike. He just can’t believe that he’s really dead, a soul without a body. To be exact, this place was for dead people, like him. He met a man in the desk who always grumpy all the time, Ug the caveman who only know to say was “Ug” and nothing else, Stan who remains in the earth waiting to…show more content…
Its proceeds all our curiosity in what is it like to be look dead that subconsciously we think all the times. Harry as the main character in this story, who was suddenly died and was not able to do things he wanted to in his life. And most of all, he did not have an opportunity to say goodbye to them and ask forgiveness to his sister after he died. Like in real life, it is true that regrets is always in the end and we cannot turn back the time to change our mistake. We can never tell what our feelings and emotions when we suddenly died at the
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