The Great Debaters Debate Essay

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The Great Debaters In December 2007, Denzel Washington decided to make a film of a true story about a Professor, Melvin B. Tolson, who created a team of four Afro-Americans to debate on issues concerning the freedom of blacks in the United States. The debate was firstly against teams of black universities and secondly white universities; however it happened in the 30s. I like the debate theme because of its subject, which was the struggle of segregation among blacks in the United States and the racial treatment received from whites. This debate resembled a boxing match with words with participants in order to win the debate. This film portrays the main horror suffered by blacks; the most striking remains among all was the lynching of Negroes. The final debate took place in Harvard University between Students from Willey College and Harvard.…show more content…
It does not focus on the blacks either, but uses these debates skillfully to open up to wider topics such as economics, education, or laws with very fair thinking and interesting questions like the end: is it morally acceptable not to obey the law? The debaters are fascinating; they recalled some memories about early time that shock people. A fascinating biotic was made with great restraint and sensibility by Denzel Washington. A painful subject that is really hard to forget; however one can only feel concerned when the right of men are constantly flouted. Racism will always be present, it takes different forms, but it is still violent and radical. In this mastered debate, the actors expressed truthfulness. In addition, the whole rhythm by a blues, giving this movie more
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