The Great Depression: A Huge Impact On Literature

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The Great Depression
Unit 5 Lesson 9
The great depression had a huge impact on poetry and stories in literature, authors would use their own experiences to write about. Feelings and emotions vivid in each word they wrote. The great depression shaped literature into a new era. As literature became a bigger thing after the great depression, many authors continued to write. The writing was sad in general. Reflecting how the author went through a lot, the author even went as far as to rob a man of his money. Or how () described the atmosphere as happiness and joyful, but in reality when everyone was left with their own thoughts, we could tell that they where feeling anything but happiness and joy. They were masking their true feelings just so
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Some men did have jobs, but even that doesn 't help. poor families wouldn 't even make more than 2700 annually. Just imagine how crazy that sounds. How much did they even make monthly? were they even able to get enough food on the table… were they even able to get food in general?

As the old saying goes, there is always light at the end of a tunnel, came Franklin D. Roosevelt. Franklin won the presidency by an overwhelming amount of votes. The man had many ideas to dish. He helped get an end to the great depression by shutting off every single bank, causing the congress to have to reopen all of them. He had little money, and most of the government acts were put to hold.

Franklin then went about the stock markets. He made sure that the prices were right and markets weren 't stealing too much money. Then there were the electrical problems, Franklin helped build dams and walls around so they could start to use the water as power by creating a wheel and let that give them power.

So in general, even an event that happened during the great depression, from stealing money from the rich, to sending of kids to different families made it in the literature. Authors wrote about what they saw, felt, experienced and wrote it on paper. A great era in literature was created from the great
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