The Great Depression: A Short Story

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There was a little boy John and his family was living through the Great depression. His mama and papa owned a farm in the valley. John and his sister Carrie had to go to school barefoot during the summer and only got to wear shoes during the winter because they couldn’t buy shoes for the summer because of how poor the Great Depression made them. So every time John and Carrie went to school in the summer they wouldn’t wear shoes and the ground would burn their feet because of how hot the cement would be from the weather. One school when John and Carrie got to school, they got “new” books. The books were old books from other white schools because the white schools would throw the books away and give it to the black schools. This would happen because black people wouldn’t be treated like how white…show more content…
He woke everyone up and they all went outside to see what it was. The forest. There was a forest fire right next to them and It was getting closer to the house. “Oh dear lord!” mama said crying and terrified. They looked out to see the cattle laying dead on the side of the house. “Run!” papa yelled “Run as far away from this place until you get to a village or something. They ran for somewhat an hour. They got to a village and there was lots of food there. They saw that there was no more smoke in the air. “The fire must be out.” papa said “I think it 's safe to get something to eat and get out of here.” When they got home the whole forest was wiped out from the fire. “Luckily it didn’t burn down the house” said Carrie. “Hey look!” John said in excitement. “What is it?” said mama. John opened the package and there was money in there. “There’s money!” John yelled very excited. “250,000$ is in here!” said papa “What are we gonna do with it all?” “We can upgrade the ranch, the house, we can get more animals for the ranch, we can get more food.” said mama. “That’s a great idea mama.” said
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