The Great Depression: Franklin D. Roosevelt And The New Deal

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Beginning in 1929, the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in history of the industrialized world. In the United States, The Great Depression soon after the stock market crash of October 1929, which sent Wall Street into panic, and millions of investors were wiped out. In response of The great depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the “New Deal.” The government were to help start the US banking system and restore the people their jobs. The Great Depression went through a lot of political, economic, and social effects. Roosevelt went through a lot of different strategies, and people he faced. The “New Deal” plan goals were not met until the country went to war (World War II) which lead to a long term effect.
During the time of The Great Depression president Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office. He wanted to change the and make this time period better.
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In 1938, one of Roosevelt's programs was the Fair Labor Standards Act which established minimum wage forty cents per hour. Maybe the people in Document 1 needed this program because they just scrounged up pennies for a beginning to rot potato and if this program was offered to his mom during the time maybe they would not have to get beginning to rot potatoes and they could have gotten a new potato. Roosevelt also had a lot of challenges he face such as in Document 9, it was 1935 and the people were ready to see Roosevelt get out of office because they did not really see a change, and everything is beginning to get worse. Many people opposed the “New Deal” like the person who wrote Document 9 he thought that Roosevelt could have done more, and he did not do enough. Even Herbert Hoover thought Roosevelt put his resources to waste and did not really strive what he said he would
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