The Great Depression: Hitler's Rise To Power

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The Nazi used the Great Depression as the boost to gain support from the Germans. Due to America’s depression, Germany was put into a dire state as unemployment increased, thus resulted in the Nazi gaining votes during the 1933 election. The depression caused desperation within the people that made them feel that the Weimar Republic could not look after them or the country’s financial problems. Hitler made promises to get rid of the unemployment rate, thus gaining the support of the public. Although the Great Depression was a key factor to Hitler’s rise to power but there were other causes: the German’s were looking for a saviour and Hitler happened to be that person; Hitler also played on the German’s fear factor of Communism and Communist which led him to get votes from the middle to higher class citizens by the burning of the Reichstag. By Hindenburg and Von Papen giving Hitler the role of Chancellor – thinking that Hitler can be easily manipulate. Furthermore, without the Great Depression and its world-wide economic crisis, the Nazi party would have remained a small political group without much of a say in the government like it had been from 1924 – 1928. During this period, Germany was slowly but surely recovering from the hyperinflation period. The Nazi fed off this Depression a gain a foothold in the…show more content…
Hitler was known for his oratorical skills, exaggerated ye entrancing body language and this worked excellently as Nazi’s propaganda scheme. He knew who should targeted specific groups of society with different slogans and policies to win their support and this worked extremely well by brainwashing. The people should be able to hear Hitler. Loud speakers were put up in streets so that people could not avoid any speeches by the Fuhrer (Source G) and a podium was put up so all could hear Hitler’s
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