The Great Depression In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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John Steinbeck`s novel "Of Mice and men" focuses on the lonely people during the Great Depression and how they struggle for better life. Steinbeck wrote his book on his own experiences in 1930s, as homeless man, who had struggle to earn money for food. The title of the book copied from Robert Burns "To a mouse". J. Steinbecks novel takes place during the "Great Depression" when people had not enough money to feed families in the USA and begins near the Salinas River in Soledad, California. Story is about two migrant workers George Milton and Lennie Smalls who seeking job ranch to ranch. They recently escaped from farm, where mentally ill Lennie touched a woman to feel her soft dress. Soon good fortune smiles them when they get new work at ranch near Soledad,California. There George and Lennie will meet one-handed workmate Candy who owns an old dog and Curley boss`s son with anger management problems, who also has unfaithful and flirtatious new wife. At Soledad ranch they also meet Slim local mule driver and Carlson ranch worker who tells Candy to adopt new puppy and kill old dog because it`s smelly. Crooks a ranch worker, who is isolated from the other men because because of the color of skin. "Of mice and men" full of dreamers and strugglers who all have a different idea what life should be. George dreams to be his own boss and to have own farm. Lennie aspires to be with George on his farm. Candy aspires to take his control on death of his dog and for security on
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