The Great Depression In My Life

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Depression helped me see the rays of sunshine in my life. When I was in the 6th grade I felt down in a way that I hadn 't before. Sure there were times when I was upset because my best friend couldn 't hang out with me or the boy I had a crush on treated me like just his friend. But this was different, I felt slow, I felt like everything was moving at half the speed as normal and I didn 't know how to react. My life was changing for the worst as far as I was concerned, and I didn 't know how to change it for the better. Seventh and eighth grade were the same. My days felt like they were going as slow as a snail, but my life moved as fast as I could blink. I tried to smile, and fake it. It worked for a while until I got asked how I was and…show more content…
I showed up that first day for orientation by myself, sitting there in the auditorium in my bright yellow shirt, jean shorts, and cowboy boots. I was definitely the odd one out but hey I always was. I 've always been unique and it 's something I 've always loved about myself. So there I was going through all of the rules and something caught my eye, a black and green jacket rushed pass me up to the light booth. It was an SBO, and my interest was piqued. I studied their movement, I looked at the smile on their face, and the drive they had towards something that I wanted so bad, I wanted somewhere to belong. By this time I had been diagnosed with depression and I was ready to just get through high school, and make it to college. I was wishing my life away until that very day. About 5 minutes later that same SBO started to walk back down to the stage, but stopped on their way and said a very simple phrase to me, "Hey! I love your boots!" They then ran back to the stage and began giving their opening speech. That SBO was the student body president and he had helped me understand that by being myself, and that by using what I have in my life, I can help anyone. I had been so stuck on all of the negative things that my depression brought I never even considered there could be
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