The Great Depression: Racism And Segregation In The United States

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The Great Depression The Great Depression was from 1929 to 1939 and was an extremely long and in fact the longest economic plumet ever in history. It started when the stock market crashed in the United States in October 1929. This caused a domino affect on Wall street and when they got word of the stock market crash, it drove away millions of investors. Then over the years, the situation did not get any better. In fact by 1933 most employees were laid off and over thirteen million employes were jobless and almost half of the United States’ banks had failed. Then later in 1933 people made some moves to try to patch up and slow down the downfall. That was called the new deal. This is around the time Franklin Roosevelt said the famous line “First…show more content…
Racism has been a major problem in the United States throughout its history, and it was really a problem in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Racial prejudice has even been a big contributor to the creation of American laws, which gave whites power. Some of these laws were the Jim Crow laws which enforced racial segregation until 1965. In the 1930s, African Americans were fighting for the same jobs in the United States as White people. The Jim Crow laws said that African Americans were equal under the law but in every other way, they were separate and discriminated against. They were not able to vote, use public facilities or go to the same schools as white people. They were often unable to get a job because of this racial prejudice. People would not hire an African American. This situation caused extreme poverty for African…show more content…
Being one of the only types of entertainment, listening to the radio was the most popular way of listening to music and finding out news around the country. radios in 1950 look very different from radios now. Radios in the 1950s were made of wood. They had metal dials that were used to control volume and the channel. Compared to now where there are buttons that do all of that much quicker. The sound of the radio came out of front of the radio where there was a big speaker. The sound that came out of it was nowhere near the quality of the the ones now. The sound of them were choppy and cut out some times. Most of them only had one channel to cycle through. so if you did not like what was on, you either tough it out or turn it off. One of the most popular channels was a cooking channel. there is a lot different between radios now and radios in the 1930’s to

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