What Is The Role Of Families During The Great Depression

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Imagine being stuck in a country that is constantly letting people down, making it hard for people to support their family. The necessities are crucial in the world of living, but yet they are hard to meet even now. During the Great Depression, many faced the hardship of being homeless, jobless, and feeling as though they are worthless. Although some might have had different experiences, many did face the cruel world that surrounded them. Many families migrated throughout the country, due to the poverty and the government who ran them from their homes. Dust bowls hit and caused problems for the agriculture of Americans in the Midwest and Southwestern parts of the U.S. It caused many farms to close and left families with nothing, since most farm families had worked from paycheck to paycheck with little in…show more content…
These problems only are a fraction of how The Great Depression lead to the greatest economic depression in the U.S history. Few families even worked together determined to get justice. Many used strikes and unions to protest for what they had thought was right. Families were often lured in by flyers that said workers were needed, however what they did not know that more flyers were printed than need. When the migrant families had traveled far to receive new jobs they had no choice, but to work for cheaper than others to keep the job. Some even worked for food, or they worked for free. Families were even separated due to hardship and the fear in which they could survive together. John Steinbeck, in his book The Grapes of Wrath, describes the harsh world that the migrant families must endure through their encounters with authority figures, starvation, and

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