The Great Depression: The Challenges Of The Great Depression

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Throughout history, humanity has endured many hardships and struggles. One of the biggest obstacles in American history was the Great Depression in the 1930’s. The government stepped in to try and get America out if the Depression with programs like Works Progress Administration (WPA), Civil Works Administration (CWA), and Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA). The truth was people were losing jobs, money, places to live, and even family. One of the areas of employment most affected by the Great Depression was the theatre. A program called the Federal Theatre Project began to help struggling theaters everywhere. Even after all the plays written, people employed/cast, and money put into the Federal Theatre Project, as a whole it was not a successful program. In 1930s theater, there were certain topics people wanted to see like drama, romance, and comedy. In order to attract audiences, the plots of the plays had to be intriguing and definitely not have too much controversy. The government agreed with them on this for the most part except on the concept of politics. The government believed theater should echo and support political ideals, but everyone involved in the theater knew this would start unnecessary battles and lose business. The director (Hallie Flanagan) of the FTP in text four voices during a conversation with chairman Dies, “ I would hesitate on the political…” The Chairmen replies with, “Eliminate political, upon social and economic line.” Ms. Flanagan answer,
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