The Great Dictator And The Dictator Analysis

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1 The Study of Fascism: The Great Dictator and The Dictator Directed by Charlie Chaplin and Larry Charles Respectively Term Paper Political Theory Submitted To: Dr. S. Kumar Submitted by: Dinesh Sapkota Roll: 15 First Semester, M.A. Department of International Relations South Asian University 2014 2 Introduction Two award winning films, The Great Dictator and The Dictator, are politically embellished but having humorous technique, are successful in terms of their practical value and popularity. This paper tries to explore the political ideology of these respective films. In these films, all most all characters are being presented humorously. Protagonists seem idiot and fool but ironically they have great aim to be 'Dictators. ' Basically,…show more content…
Griffin defines "fascism as ‘a purging, palingenetic* form of ultra-nationalist myth’."5 Fascist ideology has claimed its root to the ideology of Nietzsche 's 'superman. ' Superman is known as a man having great ambition of power and always willing to consolidate its power for the greater influence. Nietzsche wanted to revive glory of Hellenic Greek and its art, government and political system. So, he talks about superman, who resembles 'philosopher king ' of Plato, Apollonian and Dionysian quality of life-- this is all about creation of tragedy where, 'beast and human ' quality of man is must. He doesn 't recognized equality of man and women. He defines man as "a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman—a rope over an abyss.”6 Nietzsche defines superman, "to speak again the word of the great noontide of earth and man, to announce again to man the Superman."7 Nietzsche 's Übermensch, German term, translated…show more content…
He saved the life of his commander, Schultz. He has got treatment of amnesia and reopened his barbershop in Jew ghetto. He was unaware about the takeover by dictator, Adenoid Hynkel. He was harassed by Haynkel 's soldier because he is Jew. Hanna, another Jew lady, and he resisted against the domination of soldier. Barber was about to lynch but Commander Schultz came suddenly and save the lives of barber and Hannah. Dictator Hynkel tightens his persecution of Jews after their rejection to donate regime for the further expansion of Tomainia. Commander Schultz opposed such action, so, he has to go to the concentration camp. Many Jews sent to the camp. Some manage to flee to Osterlich. Hannah went to Osterilich with her father and started to work in vineyard. Neighboring dictator of Bacteria, Benzino Napaloni was invited to attend Army drill and exhibition of weapons. * The Great Dictator, Available from: (Accessed: 01 November 2014) 7 Dictators Hynkel and Napaloni had ridiculous fight inside the room on the issue of invasion of Osterlich. They fight on very petty issue that Hynkel asked to roll back Bacterian army

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