The Great Dilemma In Aristotle And Rubik's The Great Dilemma

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The Great Dilemma
It is a very difficult task to find an individual, who has never ever heard about the dilemma of chicken and egg. Traditionally, this debate is originating from very old times. It is considered that several Greek philosophers, such as Aristotle and Plutarch [1], analyzed and set the question among one of the first people in the history. Although this problem was set in faraway Ancient Greece, its topicality is still on a very high level. Briefly, this antinomy discusses the question of chicken and egg’s primacy. On the one hand, if chicken has originated first, it should have been coming from some egg. On the other hand, while thinking that egg was the precedent, one might imply that egg itself was the product of some chicken. People use this particular paradox whenever there is a reference to questions with
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Firstly, it is the question of people’s professional interest. Actually, many thinkers and scientists are scratching their heads in order to find an exact answer on this dilemma. Perhaps one can imagine gratification they get, when someone finds the solution and it is finally over - it is like solving the Rubik’s Cube. Secondly, chicken or egg dilemma could help in understanding a right direction of development and expanding the general knowledge. If people discover that scientific theory is the right one and egg is the winner, then biological dissidents, not believing in evolutionary theory, might change their minds to confirm their mistakenness. Until somebody does not find an exact answer to the problem of chicken and egg, it will captivate the interest of people and make them think a bit about theoretical solutions. As thinking has never harmed anyone, only contributed to overall development- one might eventually come up with idea that the paradox of chicken and egg has good effects for our
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