Cleo's Module: A Short Story

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“Attention attention! All citizens, whether you reside on Mars or Earth, Chief Kip has an announcement to make.” The host of technology’s voice echoed throughout Cleo’s large flat as all of the ITime clocks flickered from showing the time to showing Chief Kip. Cleo got up from his desk and made his way to Marci who was in the living room.
Chief Kip had only been the ruler of Earth for one-ninth of a Mars Cycle (MC), but he had made at least eleven ‘important announcements’ and every time all of the ITime clocks turned to the news channel to ensure that every citizen would have to hear if not see the announcement, but Cleo had thought of them as mundane ever since they became more about Chief Kip and less about the people whom he was supposed to govern.
“All people, as the chief and leader of this great planet, Earth, I have decided that for the better of everyone… ” Chief Kip’s voice boomed, but Cleo, now settled on the sofa with Marci, rolled his eyes and kissed her on the cheek, only partially listening to the announcement. “... calling this The Great Divide.” Marci’s curiosity sparked and she motioned for Cleo to listen closer. “I am sending out units of handlers starting tomorrow, and by five-ninths of this MC we will be completely divided from Mars.” Cleo shot a worried glance at Marci and continued to watch and listen to Chief Kip. “Therefore
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He wanted to sleep for hours longer, but Marci had already gotten into the shower, and he knew she was counting on him to end The Great Divide. Redundantly, he stood up and waved his foot at the sensor so his bed would make itself. Rubbing his eyes, Cleo looked out at the city below. Cars went and stopped at the lights right under his fifth floor flat, and farther out, on E75, cars zoomed past. The farthest Cleo could see was the sunlight pouring through the snow-capped mountains and flooding his
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