The Great Dust Storm Argumentative Essay

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a.) In the 1920’s lots of new things began to hit the market. Commercial radios, sunny hollywood movies, automobiles and airplanes! Aviation began to take flight as the first plane was perfected allowing greater distances to be achieved. Charles A. Lindbergh paved the success of planes with his 33 hour and 39 minute trek across the atlantic ocean. He was the first person to do such a daring feat and it paid off. It gave the impression that flying was safe. Without this added security I'm sure we’d miss out on all the great things planes had to offer us such as faster transportation of goods and ourselves! In the 1930’s agricultural recovery was a bittersweet intervention. “The success was never as great as was hoped for because there are too many variables in this sector of the economy” (Baker and Hutchins 269). There were some bad…show more content…
I think it's scary how much dirt could change someone’s life. To go from selling wheat as a stable way to provide for your family one decade, to covering every crack and crevice in your house the other, seems like a nightmare. The song “The Great Dust Storm” paints a horrible image in my head, and I honestly couldn’t imagine staying and trying to stick it out in hopes that next year would get any better. As I listened to the witnesses tell their perspectives on the events of the dust bowl, I feel lucky to be born in the time that I was. c.) I feel that The Great Depression did challenge American’s beliefs about their nation and themselves. The United States has always been seen as the land of opportunities and self prosperity. Thousands of people migrated here to start a new life yet life was a struggle during the depression. Many people lost their jobs and homes, and even faith in their country. The fact that there was such a high before the depression is what probably made the reality so much more
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