The Great Gatsby 2013 Movie

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The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald has been considered a perfectionist when it comes to creating his pieces, leading to his writing containing heightened details and intense vocabulary compared to novels of his time. This novel involves a young, poor man named Jay Gatsby who meets a rich girl and falls in love with her. Because of his lack of money she declines so he spends his life making money to win her back. When Gatsby becomes rich she has married and will not be able to love him. Multiple films have been created to reenact this great piece of literature. Due to the text-persistent details throughout Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film starring Leonardo Decaprio F. Scott Fitzgerald would prefer this movie over the 1974 version directed by Jack Clayton starring Robert Redford.
Fitzgerald was very particular with the symbols and details that he included in his novel. The 2013 film version was quite similar to the novel in scene containing the Wolfsheim meeting. Nick knew very little of his wealthy neighbor Jay Gatsby at this point in the plot. Only the words of gossipers gave any hint of the beginnings of such an interesting and mysterious man. Later, Gatsby invites Nick out to lunch in town where Nick is introduced to a friend of Gatsby’s named Meyer Wolfsheim. Nick meets Gatsby in a very dark and cellar-like restaurant where he spots Gatsby speaking to a small Jewish man, laughing and joking with him. Upon walking up to the pair at the table Gatsby says “‘Mr. Carraway, this
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