The Great Gatsby A Great Man

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After reading “The Great Gatsby” I’m excited to write an essay on this topic. Because to me when witting you’re opinion to this you have to “dig deeper” and when you’re thinking of what the word “Greatness” means. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean “good” or “worthy of admiration”. Sometimes a really terrible person could be “great” in this sense, because they accomplish things bigger than life. The terms of it could also mean “large” or “of magnitude” depending on the way you’re looking at it. So with that being said, my opinion is Gatsby WAS a great man. Gatsby, he is the epitome of the “American ideal”. He represents the desires of his own culture the way only few can. He created a new identity for himself solely to achieve his dreams, so I guess you could say he was reinvented. Also, Gatsby is rich.…show more content…
They see, right through is appearance and they think that he is a phony. And I’m sure many other people would think that of him too. But he may considered “great” in a couple of his actions, BUT when it comes to the way he earned his fortune, he’s not that “great”. It was made through illegal activities, and his so called fame was earned in a very dishonest way. And it all comes down on him when he realizes that all of the “friends” he has are only with him for him money and fame. In “The Great Gatsby there are many opinions on “great” and the way they think of Gatsby. There are people who don’t like him, people that do, and people who only like him for his fortune. Hey may have set out and made a good fortune out of his life but he did it in all the wrong ways. But Gatsby was also driven by noble emotion and love. And even though there were things he could have done differently, he is a “great” person. He reaches far to achieve his goals. No matter who was shaming him, what his past was, and the obstacles that got in his
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