The Great Gatsby Admirable Daisy Character Analysis

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Despicable Daisy What makes a person despicable? Daisy is one of the most despicable characters in the novel The Great Gatsby by F.Scouts Fitzgerald. While Daisy appears to be an admirable character Daisy has killed. Whereas gatsby the truly admirable character only tries to show daisy love. Daisy is considered one of the most despicable characters for her murdering Myrtle. When Gatsby talks to Nick about what had happened,”’Well, I tried to swing the wheel-’ He broke off, and suddenly I guessed the truth.’ Was daisy driving?’’Yes,’”(143).Nick the main character of the story finds out that daisy was driving. Daisy was driving too fast which caused her to kill myrtle. Gatsby being the gentleman that he is took the blame for the accident and
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