The Great Gatsby American Dream Meaning

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What is the American Dream? Most people have a American dream of some sort. Some may say it’s a white picket fence, house, nice car, just the basic essentials to live happily in this great land of America.In the movie “The Great Gatsby”written by F. Scott Fitzgerald most people think that Gatsby’s american dream is in full swing with the fancy cars,huge house,nice boat, but thru the book it reveals that his american dream is not a priced piece it 's true love the girl named Daisy that he’s been talking to for a long time and has wanted. Or as James Truslow puts the definition of the American dream “The american dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone,with opportunity for each according…show more content…
Say if the common american middle class person wants to buy a brand new Chevrolet 3500HD dually.The newest 2017 edition they came out with it has a 6.6 Duramax and Allison transmission that and blacked out bowties and aluminum wheels,heated seats,snow plow package it all cost 66,940$ just to have a nice new truck.That is a lot for a truck but if the common american works a week and gets say 1000 dollar pay salary you can pay that off in with a 800 dollar payment a month you can pay that off in 83 months or 9 years. But there’s other trucks out there that can be just as good but they can be 33,000$.Either which way you can get them if you work which is what is part of the american dream.To live in america you must want to have a good paying job and that 's what most common americans wanting to live the american dream do.About last year people bought the 2015 Chevy suburban and the sales of another type of truck they sold 1,324,645 trucks in 2015.Just to say most people worked to get them and they are about 50.000 dollars.If that doesn 't say that you can 't get the part of the american dream about nice cars/trucks than what does. Most american dreams is to own a white picket fence. By that they mean to get a nice house that they can spend their days in america in.Houses in Louisville,Kentucky a fairly decent size house can go for 135,000 and that may seem like a lot but if you just work,wfriends,family and loved ones.Everyone can achieve it you just have to try try try to reach for it you can’t ever give up on what you want or you 're giving up on
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