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“The Great Gatsby” has been on the shelves of bookstores for 91 years and has been dubbed “the book of the century.” It is quite a marvellous read, with a healthy balance of humor, suspence and enigma. Written as far back as 1925, during the so-called “Jazz Age”, F. Scott Fitzgerald took the world by storm with his masterpiece, about an easy-going and sarcastic Yale graduate, that is Nick Carraway struggling to find himself in West Egg, surrounded by a lavish and a glorified lifestyle.
As I aforementioned, F.Scott Fitzgerald is famous for his, arguably, most successful novel, “The Great Gatsby” which he wrote in 1925. His other promising works are “Tender Is The Night”(1934), “The Side Of Paradise”(1920) and “The Beautiful and Damned”(1922).
I, personally, find F. Scott Fitzgerald’s delivery and his writing style very unusual, to say the least. He regularly uses diction,syntax, and similes to convey his message He utilizes diction quite frequently to
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Gatsby is aware of the existence of a class structure,because that will put him in touch with the finest and noblest of people. Gatsby tries desperately to feign status, even buying British shirts and claiming to have attended Oxford in an attempt to justify his position in society.
Violence and Recklessness should be the most obvious on the list, since Tom Buchanan is the literal representation and embodiment of violence, hitting women across the face and always being quite aggressive most of the time. Recklessness comes into play in the shape of Mr. Gatsby. Throwing enormous parties, having affairs and drinking with no limits are just several examples.
Last but not least, we have Gender Roles.In the novel,men work to earn money to satisfy the needs of their wives and spouses. Men are asserted dominant, as seen in the characther of Tom, who showcases his physical superiority to subdue

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