The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The Great Gatsby One of the most interesting American Novel of love, tragedy, social, and mystery life story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925. It was narrated by Nick Carraway who was from Minnesota a graduate from Yale University, a WW1 vet and who moved to west Egg the part of long Island joining the luxurious life of h Mr. Tom with his wife Daisy (Nick cousin) and Gatsby the mysterious tycoon. However, the fiction consists various characters with different background and lifestyle. To mention few main characters, Tom from Rich family, Gatsby claimed that he was from rich family but later it was cleared by him (Gatsby) he was from poor family, Jordan Baker the golfer woman in 1920s who was famous whom Nick claimed to have seen her, Gorge Wilson the Garage owner and his wife myrtle the side chick of Tom Buchanan who dreamt to have high social class of living standard by her treacherous life. In Great Gatsby, Nick introduced Tom “Her husband, among various physical accomplishments, had been one of the most powerful ends that ever-played football at New Haven — a national figure in a way, one of those men who reach such an acute limited excellence at twenty-one that everything afterward savors of anti-climax. His family were enormously wealthy — even in college his freedom with money was a matter for reproach —", it shows that Tom was a spouse to Daisy, and Tom didn’t work all his way to be rich, but his parents did. He also
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