The Great Gatsby Analysis

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby, is set in New York and Long Island and explores the events of the American lifestyle in the early 20th century. After participating in world-war I , Nick Carraway moved to Long Island where he was reunited with his cousin Daizy and where he met Jay Gatsby. The novel then shifts to a tragic love story full of thrilling events.
Nick Carraway, the narrator, placed huge emphasis on the rumors about Gatsby’s life and his feelings towards Daizy who eventually did not even make it to his funeral. The title of the novel is the “The Great Gatsby”, and I don’t think there is any character more interesting to discuss his character throughout the story more than him. Gatsby is a man born in North Dokata and was enrolled in the university of St. Olaf. He was the type of man who longed for money. His immense desires for wealth lead him to take the dreadful road. He dropped out of college and got involved with a crime organization that gave him tasks forbidden by the law in return for loads of money. However, before Gatsby left to join the army and fight in the war, he met a charming girl named Daizy Buchaman and instantly fell in love with her. But in order to make her share his feelings, Gatsby lied about his social status and told her he was filthy rich. Daizy promised to stay loyal and wait for his return. Ever since, Gatsby dedicated his life to make money for him to satisfy his beloved.
Fitzgerald introduced Jay Gatsby
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