The Great Gatsby And Daisy

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The “Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a novel of lies and deceit, yet romance. The novel takes place during the roaring 20’s when there was a lot of partying and alcohol. Jay Gatsby was known for throwing these extravagant parties in which all community members were allowed to attend, this helps Gatsby be a mysterious person that nobody knows a lot about. When looking at Fitzgerald and Gatsby, they have some similarities shared between them that people would not usually recognize. Jay Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald both share the commonality of going to war and dropping out of school. In the book it states, “He did extraordinarily well in the war.” The ‘he’ is referring to Gatsby; Gatsby partook in World War I. Just like Gatsby, Fitzgerald…show more content…
Gatsby was in love with a girl named Daisy. They had seen each other for sometime but then Gatsby had to go to war. Even though Daisy married Tom Buchanan, Gatsby never fell out of love with her. This is evident when it is said that, “Gatsby bought that so that Daisy would be just across the bay.” Gatsby would try and get her attention by buying that big house and having parties. “But of course I’ll say I was.” Gatsby said this proving that he would do anything to protect Daisy, which demonstrates how much he really does love her. After all those years of being apart and going through a war Gatsby never gave up on his love for Daisy. Likewise, Fitzgerald never stopped loving his wife, even through the bad times. He married a woman named Zelda; later on in life she started suffering from mental issues. ( Fitzgerald never left his wife, and despite all his alcoholism he never got violent with her. (10Cities 10Years) This shows how even though his wife had mental issues, he would never hurt her or leave her just because they shared a fair amount of ups and downs. Therefore, Gatsby and Fitzgerald were similar in that they were both committed to their woman; both women were their love of their lives. After all, similarities between the author of “The Great Gatsby”, F. Scott Fitzgerald and a main character from the novel, Jay Gatsby prevail. Whether it is dropping out of a prestigious school, going to a war, or being involved with alcohol they shared, a great story was made from all of the tragedy. Ultimately, the most crucial similarity the two shared was their desire to be with the woman they love
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