Midnight In Paris And The Great Gatsby Comparison

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The most effective of the film that represents the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the film “The Great Gatsby” directed by Baz Luhrmann (2013). In comparison, the “Midnight in Paris” directed by Woody Allen (2011), which did not have any effectiveness due to little reference to the actual novel. In Midnight in Paris, they did not reference the novel as much as they should have but the movie did great. Baz Luhrmann did more with the movie as like the book where characters mostly matched personalities. The Great Gatsby acted very close to the characters from the book, even though it was a movie and movies rarely follows the book. Tobey Maguire who acted as Nick Carraway, whom is the main narrator and the protagonist, sat back…show more content…
The actor Owen Wilson who portrayed Gil who was very similar to the characters Nick and Tom. In the movie Girl hangs and follows Hemingway and Adriana around during the time, he spent with him during the 1920s in Paris, France. The comparison to The Great Gatsby Nick follows and hangs around Gatsby and Daisy when they are romantically involved with each other. In addition, Tom was intimate two women; Gil was too even though the women where in two different time. The comparison to Gil and Gatsby is that those both were stuck in the past, as Gil wanted to be a writer during the 1920s to experience the effect of the 1920s writer such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby was worried about a love that was very long ago. Gil’s Fiancé Inez who was being played by Rachel McAdams, cheated on the fiancé with her another married man and did not have any sympathy towards the situation. She was also verbally abusive to Gil, saying, “I'd be thinking brain tumor”. As Tom cheated on his wife with a married woman for so long, did not feel any sympathy towards the situation either, and was verbally abusive. She also lost interest in her spouse as for her old college crush. Like Daisy, she got so fascinated with Gatsby she forgot about Tom when she was with him. Another character, Mr. Paul (Michael sheen) who cheated on his wife with Inez who was soon to be married.
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