The Great Gatsby Research Paper

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The Great Gatsby is a story about love, and the necessities of what living the American dream is really about. In the Great Gatsby by “Scott Fitzgerald” the author uses ways to express the American Dream by showing how love and money play a major role in becoming successful. Nick in the Great Gatsby comes from the West egg which is a much lower class than others, he hopes to find money and live the American dream. For example, “I lived at the west egg, well the less fashionable of the two”(Fitzgerald 14)”. As you can see he doesn’t come from a high quality area. He wishes to find his way and truly find what he is set to do in his future. The use of green light in the Great Gatsby shows the happiness on how you feel living the American Dream.…show more content…
For example, “they came from the east egg the more nicer part of the area(Fitzgerald)”. The effects of money can play a huge role in the different classes of the people during the time. People based things off money the most and thought that was the only way to live the American dream. The relationship between gatsby and daisy play a huge roll with love and the outcome of what happens reaching the dream. For example,” Gatsby’s eyes floated towards her, ah she cried, you look so cool(Fitzgerald 82)”. Love plays a huge role in the Great Gatsby and gives us a feedback on why you need love to have a happy ending. Not only that but to be happy is the most important necessity in doing that. Love plays a big part for daisy throughout time and really has great feelings for Gatsby and his large amount of money. For example, “suddenly with a strained sound, daisy bent her head into the shirts to cry storming(Fitzgerald 119)”. Daisy can’t get over Gatsby and the amount of money he has and the love she has for him. Love is clearly shown through her strong feelings she shows to him. Gatsby and daisy have always had a thing for each other since they had laid eyes on each other, and everything has changed for them
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