The Great Gatsby And Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis

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A. In many famous novels taking place in the past, you can see how much society has changed, but even with all of the change women are still expected to conform to society's views. Even though the expectations have changed it is still a constant throughout history and can be seen in many novels. Some of these novels are The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Their Eyes were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston.
B. In both novels The Great Gatsby and Their Eyes were Watching God, there are prominent female characters that greatly impact the story depending on how they act according to society. The Great Gatsby is told through the perspective on Nick Carraway, a midwesterner that moved to New York trying to find his American dream by selling bonds, and how he was caught up in a love
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Janie meets Joe Starks, a rich entrepreneur, dazzled by his charisma she runs away and marries him and helps found Eatonville, Florida, the first all African American town. Joe wants Janie to be a mayor’s wife and not be around the rest of the people in the town because Joe thinks that she shouldn't be hanging out with someone of a lower status than them, when all Janie wants is to be free. Janie finally falls out of love with him when he hits her in front of everyone and makes her cover her hair with head rags. After Joe dies when she is 40, she burns her head rags and ends up falling in love with a poor boy called Tea Cake. Tea Cake is the only husband she ever got her dream of true love with. They both loved each other truly and unconditionally. Janie moves to the Muck in the Everglades with Tea Cake to pick vegetables to earn money. While they were there Tea Cake gets bit by a rabid dog and Janie ends up having to shoot him. Janie goes back to Eatonville in overalls and lives her life there as a stronger person than when she
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