The Great Gatsby And Twelfth Night Analysis

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Which kinds of love are most fulfilling? A smart man once said that “ Real love you feel it, you see it, you show it! Fake love is just words...”(~unknown) thus stating that real love is stating the truth while fake love is full of lies. This quote can be connected to The Great Gatsby due to it being full of counterfeit emotions, and can be attached to Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare by the excess amount of true love. The two are different due to one being a comedy while the other is full of tragedy, but both of the stories centers around love making it the main theme in both of these tales. Both of the stories contain obsessive love, lustful love, and differentiate when it comes to true emotions. Between the two only one has fulfilled love while the other contains unfulfilled love. It 's quite noticeable that the love that some of the characters in The Great Gatsby and Twelfth Night can be seen as obsessive and creepy. This is most frequently seen through Gatsby (Great Gatsby) and Orsino (12th Night) with their love towards Daisy (Great Gatsby) and Olivia (12th Night). Orsino’s love for Olivia is more of an obsession with her due to the fact that he continuously declares his love for her, and perseveres to send marriage requests even though she declines each and every one of them. His unhealthy obsession can be observed at the beginning of the play when Orsino is asked if he wants to go out to hunt hart, or deer, and he answers the question in a dreamlike state,
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