The Great Gatsby Book And Movie Analysis

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The Great Gatsby Differences between the Movie and Book The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, in 1925 is a well-known novel for its time. After becoming a popular book, it later became a movie in 1974. While the book and movie have many similarities, it also has quite a few differences. Three differences between the book and movie of The Great Gatsby are details, sexual preference of the narrator Nick, and the age of Tom and Daisy’s daughter. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald writes many details in the book such as what the characters look like. In the book, Tom Buchanan is described as a built muscular man; in the movie, he is a skinny non-built muscular man. Another detail in the book is where Gatsby tells Nick his real name, James Gats. In the movie, Gatsby never revealed his real name to anyone. In the book, Fitzgerald writes about Nick and Jordan having a connection and making physical…show more content…
When talking to Nick, they did a lot of catching up on their past and she tells Nick, “You ought to see the baby.” Nick’s response was “I’d like to.” Daisy replies back to Nick, “She’s asleep. She’s three years old…” In the movie, their daughter comes running in her parent’s house and her age is around six year’s old. That is a big difference when reading the book and watching the movie. In The Great Gatsby, the movie and the book have similarities and differences. Majority of the scenes did match up to the book details, but there were three differences between the book and the movie that were more noticeable. The three differences between the movie and the book were major details such as characteristics and connections between the characters, the sexual preference of Nick Carraway, and lastly, the age of Tom and Daisy’s daughter. Overall though, if one did not pay attention to the book and the movie, one may not have been able to notice much difference between the
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