The Great Gatsby Book Vs Movie Analysis

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The Great Gatsby Book Vs Movie
The Great Gatsby, written by F.Scott Fitzgeralds in 1925, and its movie adaptation directed by Baz Luhmann in 2013, are very similar. There are many details that remain loyal to the book in the movie. Yet, since the release of the book there are many cultural and social changes in our society. Consequently, certain things of the book’s theme, characters, and symbols are no longer acceptable/enjoyable to audience. The producers, it seems while trying to make the movie fit the modern times, they cutout or changed certain things about characters, theme, and symbols that caused it to be slight different from the book. The fact is that no matter how well the movie covers the book, there will always be some noticeable difference, as Fitzgerald’s words from the book paint’s a vivid picture of the scenes, that it’s come to life in the mind of its reader. Therefore, even with a perfect design, cast, and performance, any movie version can only disappoint. One of the biggest difference can be seen in the theme representation of the American Dream. While the movie shows the achievement of the American dream, the book shows its failure. In the book, Jay Gatsby who came from modest roots and was able to gain a huge fortune through working hard, is the embodiment of the American dream. The term American dream is usually associated with a dream owning of money and property. However, when we see the American dream through Gatsby’s dream, its different. He has

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